5 Tips on Buying an Effective Used Car

Did you know that tips on buying a used car are very useful? Although it looks trivial, these tips will make it easier for you to choose a used car. With these tips, the risk of wrong choice can be minimized properly.

Remember, choosing a used car is far more difficult than choosing a new car. If you are not careful, it is possible you will experience a loss. Of course you don’t want this to happen, right?

These Tips on Buying a Used Car You Should Look For!

So, what is the best way to buy a used car? Check out the following tips!

• Search for Information

The first thing you must do is find information about the price of the car complete with specifications. So as not to forget, record the price on a piece of paper. The next step is to find a showroom that provides your target car.

There are quite a lot of showrooms that can be selected. However, be sure to choose a trusted car showroom that is easy to contact and is willing to provide a money back guarantee.

• Don’t be tempted by cheap prices

Most people will be tempted by cheap frills. Not to mention if the used car is polished in such a way that it resembles a new car. Before deciding to buy, be sure to check the condition of the car first. Because, not a few cases of damaged cars after being used for less than one week. Therefore, you must be extra vigilant!

• Ask Vehicle History

Tips on buying a used car next is to check the history of the car you are after. Do not hesitate to ask the showroom about the reason the car was sold, the history of damage, to proof of service. With proof of service, you can check the condition of the used car.

It’s best to avoid buying used cars that have experienced a severe collision, the odometer can be reset, and flooded. The reason is, these three things will affect the performance of the vehicle’s engine.

Another thing that is no less important to do is check the completeness of the document. Ask the showroom clerk to show documents, such as BPKB and STNK. Check the authenticity of the document. Also make sure that the machine number listed matches. Inspection of documents is very important to avoid legal problems because it is proven to buy stolen vehicles.

The completeness of the documents will facilitate matters behind the name and other administration. Avoid buying used cars that do not have complete documents. Don’t forget to check the vehicle tax that is behind the vehicle registration. If the vehicle tax is almost gone, ask for a reduction in the price of the car. Generally, car showrooms are willing to give discounts, even though the value is not much.

• Check the condition of the car

After making sure that the vehicle you are aiming for meets the requirements and is not stolen goods, the next step is to check the condition of the car. Perform a thorough inspection of the exterior. Note, whether there are scratches or damage to the car body, car paint, glass, car lights, until the tires.

If possible, check the bottom of the car. This method is very effective to assess whether the used car is worth buying or not. Also make sure to check the inside of the car. Check the dashboard, car air conditioning, carpet, ceiling, and car seats. Make sure other features, such as LCD, radio or audio are still functioning properly.

Next, check the car engine parts. A good car is easy to start, the sound of the engine is smooth, and the operand of the teeth is also easy. If the engine is difficult to start or difficulty in moving the steering wheel, you should choose another car.

• Perform a Test Drive

The last tip you should not miss is to do a test drive. Although this is a bit of a hassle, the test drive is useful for knowing the vehicle’s performance when used. You will more easily identify problems or damage that might occur.

Before doing a test drive, you must adjust the sitting position and steering as comfortable as possible. Before starting the engine, leave the car in the “ON” state to find out the condition of the indicator lights. After that, you can start the engine, check the transmission, wear a seat belt, and run the vehicle.

Those are some tips on buying a used car that you can apply. Research before buying is very important. That way, you will get a quality car at an affordable price!