Broken or Cracked Windshield, Can It be Fixed?

When we drive a car, any danger can target you, ranging from the danger of a collision, hit or something unexpected like a broken windshield. Of course, the windshield cracks should not be taken lightly. That might not seem like a big deal. But it has an impact on visibility and can lead to safety. If the windshield has cracked, should it be repaired or replaced? Yes, it can be repaired by the windshield replacement Scottsdale.

There are two options that can be an option to handle the windshield cracked or broken car. First, you can fix it if the holes are small, or replace the entire windshield. But this second solution is likely expensive because the windshield of the car is not all affordable. As a result, replacing the broken windshield or cracked windshield requires more expensive costs, while the first choice is made to repair minor damage.

If the location of the broken windshield or crack is too large so it is very disturbing or is in a location that is difficult to repair, you are advised to save and then replace the windshield of your car. This is much better than forcing you to ‘patch’ or weld the windshield crack. So, what kind of damage criterion can the windshield repair be fixed?

For car windshields generally use laminated glass or tempered glass, cracks smaller than 14 inches are still possible to be repaired. But if the crack or crack that occurs is greater than that, then as we said before, you need to make a complete windshield replacement. The quality of crack repairs with a large size is largely determined by the skills of technicians who repair the windshield.

Usually, windshield cracks cannot be repaired if damage occurs extending from the exterior windshield panel or even through the interior. These conditions are too difficult to improve. Cracks that occur in the corner are also often difficult to repair. Oh yes, do not forget you must also consider temperature sensors, radars, radio antennas, and various other advanced technologies that are usually embedded in the windshield of the car.

The process of repairing a cracked windshield takes about 30-40 minutes and is done by injecting resin into it. When the liquid hardens, the resin will help restore the adhesiveness of the windshield. The resin is then polished and followed by a UV irradiation process. If this process is carried out properly, the cracks will not be able to spread further.