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Car vs. SUV Head-on Crashes

NHTSA believes these technologies symbolize the following wave of probably significant advances in car security. The AEB techniques have interaction dynamic brake support (DBS) or crash imminent braking (CIB) to potentially save lives and scale back average and fewer extreme rear-finish crashes which are common on our roadways. NHTSA has not set efficiency specs for this characteristic, but NHTSA acknowledges BSD as a promising technology. BSD methods are an option on many new cars, SUVs and trucks and can help you avoid a crash. To discover out if BSD is available within the automobile you’re excited about buying, verify the producer’s website.

ACN is particularly helpful to crash victims in rural areas, where there are sometimes fewer or no witnesses to name emergency responders. In 2015, 33.four percent of all police-reported crashes concerned a rear-end collision with one other car as the primary dangerous occasion … Read More