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How to do I register my traditional as a Vehicle of Historic Interest (VHI) in order to prove that it’s exempt from the MOT?

As a end result, you’ll avoid stepping on the brake on the last moment, which wears the brakes down. Avoid heavy acceleration; stepping onerous on the gas pedal when the engine is cold is the primary reason an engine’s head gaskets fail. In Gordon’s case, along with these of many other frugal high-mileage drivers, it probably also helped to begin with a automobile that had an enviable popularity for reliability and longevity. “As cars go beyond 100,000, it really turns into a concern what the price of those repairs are,” Bartlett mentioned.

Since these autos usually final for 200,000+ miles with proper maintenance and care, it is cheap to expect practically 125,000 miles from this specific car. Department of Transportation, the average American motorist drives roughly … Read More