Important Body Protection Equipment When Driving

Body armor is very important when riding a motorcycle. Because, when you roam or race using a dirt bike, the risk of falling or a small accident is greater than riding an ordinary motorcycle. But don’t worry, it is now present in the Bell Race Star Triton wheels motorcycle which is made of TeXtreme carbon fiber shell which is very lightweight, and features a removable Magnefusion with a smooth material, and can make the head cool when in use.

Not only that, but wheels motorcycles also offer Wheels Motorcycle Clothing Store that can reduce the risk of injury when driving on paths with unusual terrain such as slippery roads because mud or uneven slopes can cause you to fall, causing minor and even severe injuries if you do not use special equipment for trail bikes.

Therefore, protect your vital parts of the body from the risk of injury, especially in the head, because the eyes may be affected by mud or small gravel will greatly disrupt your concentration on driving. Make sure you know the following body protection equipment when driving:

1. Long Socks

The first step you need to do is, wearing a long sock, it serves to protect the foot from injury due to the friction of the foot with boots. Also, socks function as sweat absorbents on the feet, because the air contained in the boots is quite hot.

2. Knee Protector

Body protection is no less important, namely using a knee protector. Knee protectors are generally made of hard plastic material and are equipped with a rubber band that can wrap around the knee. The knee protector serves to protect your knee from the risk of injury if you fall while driving.

3. Special Pants

Special pants for dirt bike riders are usually made of canvas that allows air to easily get in and out. These pants are usually equipped with pads located in the inner knee area, outer thighs and waist. These special pants will usually be more resistant to friction and more difficult to tear when compared to ordinary pants. Choose pants that fit your body to be more comfortable when worn.

4. Chest Protector

Chest protectors are generally made of hard plastic and are equipped with special pads on certain parts. Chest protectors protect the ribs, upper back from collisions with steering handlebar, rocks, and earth that bounce from the front which can cause serious injury, so this equipment is important for you to use while driving.

5. Helmets

Choose the right helmet quality, because the helmet is the most important body protection equipment when driving. This is following its function, namely as a protective nerve center that is very susceptible to hard collisions. Wear a special dirt bike rider helmet, generally, this type of helmet is equipped with a pet that serves to protect your eyes and face from glare due to sunlight, this type of helmet also has better air circulation in perfecting breathing while driving. Choose a helmet that has a size that matches your head so that it is comfortable and not easily separated when driving due to being too loose.

6. Gloves

The last driving body protective gear is gloves, which serve to protect hands from dirt and sweat when they are sticking. Choose elastic gloves, as well as comfortable special dirt bike gloves usually equipped with protectors made of hard plastic at the top. Also, make sure that each lock is properly installed before driving.

Apart from applying some body armor when driving as above, when driving someone is very vulnerable to an accident.